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Original post by: Pierre Michael ,


In short, yes. The new Model B+ has the same pinout for the first 26 pins of its header, which is great news allowing it to be a safe drop in replacement in most cases.

A couple of things to look out for though:

# This is very important if you have a Router board. When the model B+ is plugged into the Router, you will notice that the metal USB connector touches the coin cell holder on the Router board. You must cover the battery holder with something non-conductive before plugging in and applying power, otherwise, the battery will be shorted to ground and could be very dangerous. We've been using a piece of electrical tape to cover both the battery holder and the crystal.
# Also the current image for the Bartendro software will not work in a Model B+ unless its kernel is updated. There are instructions [|here]. In short, the best way to get this working is to insert the micro SD card into an SD card adapter and boot a Model B RPI into the command line. Then type the following things (this takes about 30min): 
** >sudo apt-get update
** >sudo apt-get upgrade
** >sudo rpi-update