Dispense not the same time


is there an way to bring a delay between dispensing to the dispensing-pumps?

So if i select an Tequila Sunrise is better to have Grenadine after the Orange-Juice to have the fine color like sunrise...

If they dispense at the same time i see only orange-juice mixed.... not a cool effect..

Idea is to have for each drink "set a delay or Dispense after Finish last Dispenser" between the ingredients in the Drink-Tab.

So for the Drink tab between each ingredients:

Tequila Sunrse

1. Tequila

Delay: 0

2. Orange-Juice

Delay: 3sec

3. Grenadine


Or set the next ingredient to dispense after the last is finished:

1. Tequila

Wait for Finish: No

2. Orange-Juice

Wait for Finish:Yes

3. Grenadine

Wait for Finish: No

Thats like an serial not parallel dispensing only for special drinks.. like Color-Effect Drinks.


Update (07/26/2017)

If you give me some idea whre i can make some changes i will program myself..

I have studied the mixer.py.. but what is the better file to make some changes..

Will update the ui in the Admin-Menue to have an extra control-box for set Yes or No for the "Wait on last pump finished before next pump start"


Answer this question I have this problem too

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I like this idea. Perhaps add a 'dispense order' setting to the ingredients in the recipe, so all ingredients in order 1 are dispensed together, then all ingredients in order 2 are dispensed together, etc.


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