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Pump motor won't turn

Everything was working fine, then all of a sudden I woke up one day and the pump wouldn't turn.

I've reduced this down to the most basic concepts now...

I've verified with a multimeter that on the dispenser-side of the cat5 cable I am getting +5v, +24v, and a good ground. However, even pushing the "button" on the back of the dispenser will not turn the pump.

If I hard-wire the motor directly to the power source, then the pump turns. So the motor is good.

I'm assuming this is a dispenser board/firmware/something else? problem.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Not sure what's going on there, but one thing that would be easy to check is to remove the plastic dome with the tubing in it. Grab the clear plastic and turn it counter-clockwise about 45 degrees then pull outward. With the tubing removed, try running the motor as before and see if it works. It's possible that the motor is being overloaded. If that doesn't work, we'll try something else.

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Perhaps you misunderstood.. If I take the red and black wire coming off the motor and plug it straight into the power source, the motor will successfully turn the pump and liquid will come out. But when I try to power it by going over the cat5 cable and into the board and pressing the button, nothing happens.

In any case, I did what you suggested, and the behavior is the same. Whether the motor is trying to turn the pump or not is irrelevant it seems.

Any other ideas?



Oh, I think I understand now. The dispensers are not as simple as you think they are. They need to be sent commands so that they can know how to operate. You can give them things like speed / direction / number of ticks etc.

Please take a look at this page to get started:



Ugh. As I said, everything WAS working. I was using "text mode" and sending a "timedisp" command. It was wired up fine, and it was operating correctly.

Even if my code sucks (though it was working), the "button" on the back should always work, correct? Because it currently does not. I believe that is where to start with the problem. Code should be irrelevant at this point, no? The dispenser board is getting 24v, 5v, a ground, and yet the "button" itself does not work.


>the "button" on the back should always work, correct?

No, the button only works when the dispenser is connected to an RPI and router board and left to finish booting.

Have you re-programmed the dispenser board? Are you able to send it serial commands are receive a response?


When I give the dispenser power, it will flash rainbow colors, then it goes solid red. The troubleshooting guides tell me "that the firmware on the Dispenser or EEPROM has slipped into the ether"

I have it hooked up to my arduino, and when I a serial command of "?\r" (which should be the "discovery" and the pump should respond back with its ID) - the pump does not respond at all.

I'm really at a loss of what to try next. I'm not using a router board or an rpi, just sending simple serial commands via an arduino. It used to work...and nothing changed on my end...


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